Sunday, May 14, 2017

5 traditional foods you must taste in Iran

With numerous architectural masterpieces, cultural diversity, amazing landscapes and 19 UNESCO world heritage site, Iran is becoming a booming travel destination but what still remains uncovered and unknown in Iran, is the delicious foodie face of Iran! In every city of Iran a new phase of taste and aroma awaits you. The food cooked in each city is in complete harmony with the culture and climate of that specific area. Here is a gastronomy guide to 5 amazing traditional foods you must taste while you travel in Iran:

1 Have a fat yet healthy Dizi in Tehran

The ingredients of Dizi, including lamb, pea, beans and potato are all slow cooked in a clay pot over fire. This stew is cooked until the meat gets so tender that can be mashed into a paste. Order some Dizi in the traditional bazaar of Tehran and enjoy this healthy food the way old Iranians did!

Traditional Iranian food. Dizi

2 Get spicy seafood in the south

Bandar Abbas, Bushehr and Abadan, located by the Persian Gulf, are known for their chilly and spicy seafood. The fish stew and the shrimp stew called Ghalieh Mahi and Ghalieh Meygoo are most famous seafood of southern Iran, made with shrimp, Fish, vegetables and lots of spice.

Traditional Iranian food. Ghaliyeh Mahi

3 The garlicy Mirza-Ghasemi of Masouleh

Northern cuisines are mostly made with wild herbs and lots of garlic. Order some Mirza-Ghasemi in the cozy cafés of the beautiful Masouleh village. This food is made with smoky eggplant, tomato garlic and egg.

Traditional Iranian food. Mirza-Ghasemi

4 The well-known Kalam polo of Shiraz

Kalam Polo reminds the name of Shiraz! This would be your favorite food if you are good with cabbages. Kalam polo is the well-cooked combination of rice, herbs, small meatballs and cabbage.

Traditional Iranian food. Kalam Polo

5 Enjoy the stuffed meatballs of Tabriz

Located in the northwest of Iran, Tabriz is known for its melty rich meatballs named Koofteh Tabrizi. Koofteh Tabrizi is made with grounded lamb and stuffed with plums, sour cherries, walnuts and other delicious ingredients.

Traditional Iranian food. Koofteh Tabrizi


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