Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Global Geo-park of Qeshm Island.

The wonderful Qeshm Island, laid in the middle of Persian Gulf in the south of Iran, is the land of untouched natural wonders and cultural heritages. The mysterious Stars Valley, The Hara Mangrove forests, peaceful and stunning beaches and the cultured locals who have lived here since ancient times, are what make Qeshm Island the spot for nature lovers, adventures and backpackers.

back-packers walking in the geo-park of Qeshm.
The Global Qeshm Geo-park

The amazing Geo-park of Qeshm Island, known as Iran’s geology park was designated as a Global Geo-park by the UNESCO on May the 5thUNESCO Geo-park of Qeshm Island is a protected mountain belt about 30,000 hectares drawn from the east to the west of the Island. This geo-park is known for its amazing and giant geology phenomena including weird rock formations created by the wind and sea waves during millenniums. This valuable earth heritage is also home to a rich flora and fauna, including birds, turtles and dolphins.

Travel to Qeshm, get amazed by the beauty of the fantastic sedimentary rocks and the pleasant fresh sea breeze and learn about the culture of the inhabitants of the warm and sunny island of Qeshm.

The rock formations in the global Qeshm Geo-park.
The global Qesh Geo-park

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