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3 natural wonders in the north of Iran.

Northern Iran is a lush and rainy area bounded by the Caspian Sea and the Alborz Mountain range. Considering its great temperate climate, stunning natural wonders and landscapes, north of Iran is a popular destination for travelers and nature lovers especially during spring and summer. In the following you will get acquainted with 3 of outstanding ecotourism destinations in northern Iran:

Hirsotircal Veresk  bridge in the north of Iran.
Veresk Bridge in the north of Iran.

1 Masal Forest

Masal Forest located on the heights of Masal Town in Gilan Province of northern Iran is so madly beautiful that is known as "Iran’s Lost Paradise". Trekking in this mountain forest, camping on the green pastures or staying at the rural cottages is one of the most amazing natural adventures that you can experience in the north of Iran. Mountain climbers and adventures believe that the best time for trekking in Masal Forest is from spring to summer.

Rural houses in the mountain forest in the north of Iran.
Masal Forest in Gilan province.

2 Badab e Surt

This miraculous natural wonder is located 95 kilometers from Sari town of Mazandaran Province. Badab e Surt (also called Badab e Soort) is a range of travertine terraces created in thousands of years in different colors like red and orange. These natural terraces are filled with carbonated mineral water. Aside its amazing geology characteristics, Badab e Surt is known for its mysterious beauty.

Badab e Surt natural terraces in Mazandaran province.
Badab e Surt in Mazandaran Province.

3 Golestan National Park

With a rich flora and fauna, Golestan National Park located in the east of Alborz Mountain Range in Golestan province is one of the most valuable ecotourism destinations in the north of Iran. With numerous mammal and bird species like martens, red deer, wild boar, very high waterfalls and long-standing trees, trekking and camping in Golestan National Park is an unforgettable natural adventure in the north of Iran.

Deers in Golestan National Park.
Golestan National Park in Golestan Province.

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