Sunday, May 7, 2017

The decent shrine of Shah Nimatullah Vali.

Stunning geometrical motifs formed by tile-works and brick-works, high cypress trees and the beautiful pond at the center of the courtyard and also the noble architecture and the spiritual atmosphere are what make the Shah Nimatullah Vali’s holy shrine a wonderful place for the travelers and the locals of the charming Mahan town.

The trees in the shrine of Shah Nimatullah Vali.
Holy shrine of Shah Nimatullah Vali. Mahan-Kerman

Shah Nimatullah Vali (also spelled Shah Nematollah Wali) was a Sufi master and a great poet known as the founder of Nimatullahi Sufism rule who lived during 14th-15th century in Kerman province. During his lifetime, he travelled to many countries in the world, like Egypt and Turkistan to spread Sufism. Shah Nimatollah was passed away in 1431 and got buried in Mahan town located in the east of Kerman province. Today the locals of Mahan feel devoted to the Sufism rules of Shah Nimatullah and his beautiful shrine. His great poem book is a one of the most valuable moral treasuries in Persian classic literature.

Locals of Mahan town walking near Shah Nimatollah Shrine.
Holy shrine of Shah Nimatullah Vali. Mahan-Kerman

The beautiful thing about the shrine of Shah Nimatullah is its enchanting dome ornamented with elegant turquoise tile-works, the high minarets and the well-formed arcs. Spend an afternoon in the beautiful town of Mahan on KermanDay Tours of Uppersia, enjoy the nice and temperate weather and get acquainted with the masterly architecture of Shah Nimatullah vali’s shrine and its peaceful atmosphere.

The dome of Shah Nimatullah Vali's shrine.
Holy shrine of Shah Nimatullah Vali. Mahan-Kerman

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