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Where are the best stargazing skies in Iran?

After millenniums and with all the secrets and legends behind the nature being revealed, the night sky, constellations and shiny stars are still as mysterious and attractive as it has been for the first men. Studying ancient monuments related to ancient civilizations like Giza pyramids of Egypt, temples of Maya civilization and the great Persepolis of Achaemenids prove that those people paid attention to astronomy, too. Ferdowsi the great Iranian poet of Shahnameh (the masterpiece of Persian literature), has mentioned stories about the Persian kings who were interested in astronomy and phenomena like meteorites.

Starry night sky in deserts of Iran.
Starry night in deserts of Iran

The night sky in deserts of Iran is so vivid and starry that draws many travelers and astronomers for stargazing and astronomy tours especially during spring and summer:

Tabas Desert

Being located far away from light pollution, Tabas Desert is an amazing place for stargazers in Iran. On the other hand, the deserts around Tabas are good travel destinations because of having eco-lodges and many historical attractions like ancient caravanserais. Naybandan area in Tabas Desert has a high rate in Bortle Scale and the Gegenschein is visible in its dark sky especially during spring nights.

Starry night in Tabas Desert. Iran
Starry night in Tabas Desert. Iran

Alamut Castle

Known as the ancient military base of Hassan Sabbah and his supporters, the great Alamut castle is located around Qazvin, on the heights of Alborz Mountain range. Hassan Sabbah and his assistants were genius scientist, politicians and brave patriots who were also expert in astronomy and philosophy. Today, Alamut Castle is still a perfect place for stargazing. The darkness and clarity of the sky offer the stargazers what amazed the warriors of Alamut Castle thousand years ago.

Starry night of Alamut Castle. Iran
Starry night of Alamut Castle. Iran

Matin Abad

When it comes to fun destinations for desert tours in Iran, Matin Abad is on another level. This desert, located 60 kilometers from Kashan, offers everything an adventurer expects from a desert tour. Matin Abad is a great hangout for experiencing desert biking, camel back riding, off-road thrills, photography and of course stargazing. The night sky in Matin Abad is as clear as glass and as shiny as silver. With a cozy eco-lodge and suitable astronomy facilities including telescopes and cameras, Matin Abad is known as a good place for stargazing and astronomy tour in Iran.

For more information about stargazing in Iran and other locations suitable for this amazing activity, you can contact Uppersia team.

Starry night of Matin Abad Desert. Iran
Starry night of Matin Abad Desert. Iran

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