Tuesday, May 23, 2017

4 things that will impress you in Tabriz

Known as World’s carpet and handicrafts city and one of the biggest economic hubs in the northwest of Iran, Tabriz is an amazing city to be visited while your travel in Iran. This city is located between Lake Urmia and Sahanad Mount and is home to a big population of Azeri people, who are very civilized people with their very own beautiful traditions and customs. Tabriz has been the capital of Iran during Safavid era and many historical monuments from Ilkhanid, Safavid and Qajarid dynasty are hidden in the corners of this city.

1 The living bazaar of Tabriz

This wonderful UNESCO registered heritage is a stunning 7-kilometer maze of chambers, halls, caravanserais and small shops and is known as the biggest roofed bazaar in the world. Like other traditional bazaars in Iran, the great Bazaar of Tabriz is divided into different Timches, which are domed halls related to different guilds like the carpet sellers, jewelry sellers, textile sellers, spice sellers and etc. Walk through the long bazaar Tabriz, enjoy the stunning brickworks and get acquainted with traditional Azeri culture in this alive bazaar.

Locals in old bazaar of Tabriz. Iran
Bazaar of Tabriz.

2 The awesome Kandovan village

For many visitors, Kandovan village located 60 kilometers away from Tabriz is the most amazing Village of Iran. The weird caves dug into the conic rock formations, located in the foothills of mountains, have been made by the locals thousands of years ago to shelter them from the enemies and the wild nature around. The wonderful thing about Kandovan village is that these caves are still home to many locals in the area.

the conic caves of Kandovan village. Tabriz-Iran
Kandovan village. Tabriz-Iran

3 The charming El Goli mansion

Being constructed during Safavid dynasty, the charming El Goli is a two story mansion constructed in the middle of a pool in the center of El Goli park of Tabriz city. This mansion has been the house of the governor of the city during the Qajar dynasty and now is one of the most beautiful architectural heritages in Tabriz.

El goli mansion in Tabriz. Iran
El Goli mansion. Tabriz-Iran

4 The elder Blue Mosque (Masjed e Kabud)

Known as the precious turquoise of Islamic architecture, the blue mosque of Tabriz is an ancient high monument constructed upon order of Jahan Shah in 1465. Excellent tile-works of the mosque screening elegant floral motifs and calligraphies are the reason why they call this monument Masjed e Kabud (the blue mosque). Although this glorious monument was collapsed after an earthquake, but what still remains from the mosque is so worth a visit.

the tile-works of Blue mosque in tabriz. Iran
Tabriz Blue Mosque.

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