Sunday, May 21, 2017

The legends of Sabalan Mount.

Known as the miraculous and great mountain in the northwest of Iran and the third highest peak in Iran, Sabalan is located 25 kilometers away from Meshgin-Shahr city in Ardebil province, where the climate is as fresh and young as a baby tiger and the landscapes are insanely beautiful! Sabalan is an extinct volcano and the altitude of the peak is 4811 meters.

Mountain climbers on the top of Sabalan Peak. Ardebil-Iran
Sabalan Peak. Ardebil-Iran

Besides its wonderful nature, what makes Sabalan different from other mountains in Iran is its sainthood and venerability. The locals believe that the legendary Sabalan mount is the holy temple of Zoroaster and climbing this mountain is considered as a kind of worship. According to ancient Persian books Sabalan has been the place where Zoroaster chose for meditating and praying!

A natural lake on the top of Sabalan Peak. Ardebil-Iran
Sabalan Peak. Ardebil-Iran

The most flourishing pastures in Iran are located on the foothills of Sabalan and the soil is very rich and fertile. The nomads and the locals who live in this area feel so devoted to Sabalan (the most sacred mountain in Iran) that believe that once someone vows to the holy Sabalan the snakes of the mountain stop hunting for a while!

Sabalan Peak, which is covered in silver snow all along the year, is one of the most amazing destinations for mountain climbers and nature lovers. The wild tulip lands, natural hot springs, the professional ski resorts and glaciers draw adventurers to the beautiful land of Sabalan.

Red flowers and high trees on the foothills of Sabalan Mount. Ardebil-Iran
Sabalan Peak. Ardebil-Iran

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