Thursday, May 25, 2017

2 Day tours from Orumieh.

Orumieh, the capital of Western Azerbaijan province is a mountainous and beautiful city located in the northwest of Iran. Despite the numerous ancient heritages hidden around Orumieh, this area is an untouched and uncovered land for many travelers. Here are the two day tours that you can take (private and group tours) while you are in Orumieh:

The lake and the ruins of Takht e Suleiman. Orumieh-Iran
Takht e Suleiman. Orumieh-Iran

During this 8 hour tour, you will visit the miraculous Takht e Suleiman located 43 kilometers from Takab town in western Azerbaijan Province. This UNESCO heritage site one of the most mysterious ancient heritages in Iran. Takht e Suleiman is a complex including Azargoshnasb fire temple, where the Sassanid kings used to pray and sacrifice for the God, a mysterious 120 meters deep lake, where is known to be a place for sacrificing for Anahita, the Iranian goddess of water.

The lake and the ruins of Takht e Suleiman. Orumieh-Iran
Takht e Suleiman. Orumieh-Iran

This tour includes visiting some awesome Azeri architectural heritages spread in Orumieh, indicating the peaceful connection between the culture and art of Persia and west. During this tour, you will visit the glorious Qajarid pavilion in Maku town. Then you will visit the marvelous Saint Stepanos Monastery in Jolfa, which is an architectural masterpiece registered by the UNESCO. This church was built by the Armenian Christians about 800 years ago.
You will also visit Maryam Nane church which is known as the oldest church in the east and the biggest one after Beit Lahm Church in Palestine.

Summer is a good time for wandering in the northwest of Iran with its cool weather and amazing landscapes. Check out Orumieh day tours for more information about the tours and what they include.

The stone made Saint Stepanos. Jolfa-Orumieh-Iran
Saint Stepanos Monastery. Jolfa- Orumieh-Iran

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